Abraweld (S) Ptd Ltd established since 2003, had the experience of many years in the abrasives Grinding and Cutting disc and Welding market.

Having full range of 'Abrawheels' Grinding and Cutting discs used for materials on carbon steels, mild steels, stainless steel and Duplex and Super Duplex.

To fulfill customer need, we had 'Tmatic' Fas Welding Accessories, Gas Welding Equipment, Manual Arc Welding, welding cables, Twin Welding Hoses, Welding Gloves, Tig Gloves, Work Glove, Welding Jackets, Cape Sleeves/Bibs, Welding Aprons, Welding Sleeves, etc for the fabrications and engineering.

Always striving forward to fulfill all our customers needs and delivery.